Heavy Lift Floating Cranes

Eide Marine Engineering BV, has a large expertise in supplying our clients in delivery of a complete design package for heavy lift floating cranes.
Each floating crane design is tailor made, considering our clients thoughts and wishes.
The Heavy Lift Floating Cranes can perform lifting operations World Wide Inshore and Offshore.
The Engineering package can vary from a Basic Design up to a Complete Design Package for the Hull, Crane members and systems.


Below an overview of our most significant projects:

Eide Lift 3

Concept-design 7,000 Metric Tonne Floating Sheerleg “EIDE LIFT 3”

Eide Marine Engineering BV made the concept design for the 7,000 tonne heavy lift vessel Eide Lift 3. The vessel will be self propelled and for station keeping an 8 point mooring system is foreseen.

The A-frame can be skidded to various positions, such it can lift large structures on and from her own deck which reduces the mobilization costs.

Asian Hercules III

5,000 Metric Tonne Floating Sheerleg

Eide Marine Engineering BV, designed the world largest self propelled floating sheerleg crane vessel Asian Hercules III for Asian Lift Pte Ltd.

  • The crane vessel is self propelled and will perform inshore and offshore lifting activities up to 2m wave height World Wide.
  • The A-frame can be skidded to 3 lifting position and a sea transit position on the vessel by a revolutionary skidding system.
  • The crane (with Jib connected) will be quick to deploy for sea transit and lifting operations without the use of additional cranes or extended procedures.
  • Classification Society: ABS
  • Completed : 2015

Asian Hercules

1,600 Metric Tonne Floating Sheerleg

Eide Marine Engineering BV, received the order to deliver a complete design Package, for the construction of a new generation floating crane, for Asian Lift Pte Ltd.
The new floating crane will replace the existing 1,600t floating sheerleg crane vessel Asian Hercules, which is already for more than 30 years in service.

  • Classification society: ABS
  • Status: ongoing

1200 MT Floating Sheerleg

General Information
Type: Sheerleg Crane Vessel
Designed by: Eide Marine Engineering B.V.
Client: Paily Marine Engineering Pte Ltd. Singapore
Description: 1200 MT Self–Propelled Sheerleg Crane Vessel